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Road Test: 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK250 BlueTEC

We sample another clean-diesel performer, in the latest small utility from Mercedes-Benz.
John Doe : Im thinking about buying a GLK 2015 would this be a good purchase ? Im a little concerned about the problems that may come about.
Trevor Smith : bring back manual transmission
Michel Dubé : I bought a new 2015 last year, already reached 25000 km and my best mileage is 5.2 lt / 100 or 54.2 m / gal, hard to beat eh!
Major Pain : The true king of diesels period.
twingy twango : Most informative review, thank you!
Moises Oliveira :
Czech Mate : I drove one this weekend and it is a solid, great looking crossover!!! I might have to add one to sit with my C63 AMG.
Mario Salinas : my 1978 ford pinto gives 44 miles to the gallon!! and it paid for!!!!
9886543211 : To mototoob. Listen, the Chevrolet cobalt SS with the ecoboost smokes the FSI any day and gets better fas mileage. The MAZDASPEED 3 smokes the FSI anyday of the week. You think that the 2.0FSI is the $hit but is not. A 10 year old Evo with a 2 liter 4G63 smokes a  2.0 FSI any day and even the newer Kia and Hyundai turbos still gets better gas mileage and power than the FSI with the same displacement so go and hide somewhere. Even the CLA 45 AMG  with 360hp gets 24-33 same as the FSI but 160hp more so please shut the hell up!  
9886543211 : It is always sad that I have to waste my time to educate people like mototoob. Listen, the FSI makes 200lbs, got that? also the FSI is mounted in lighter cars so when is time to tow (haul) you can't tow crap with your 2.0 FSI. This TDI engine is forged and is meant to last for a few hundred thousand miles not like the FSI that needs Fuel pumps because it ails or diverted valves because it ruptures. This SUV makes same power and much more torque than the FSI engine..period!

Car Talk | Mercedes-Benz GLK250

The one where I talk about the GLK250, what i like, what I don't like and some of my necessities.

First half filmed in August, 2016... finally got around to editing and uploading. Better late than never!

Missed the last video? Check it out here:


0:40 about the car

5:18 the tour

Weathertech floor mats

Aukey Dual USB car charger adapter

Thank you for watching! :)

places you can find me//






Note: This video is not a paid advertisement.
Asterisks ("*") denote PR samples provided for consideration. Otherwise all products featured were purchased by me. All views expressed are entirely my honest opinion.
Marina Gallant : Thank you so much for your comments. I am buying a 2014 Blue Tec and I wanted to hear good news.
glitter kittens reid : Great video. I am looking at replacing my 2007 Ram 2500 4x4 5.9 CRD. After two 3/4 ton Dodge diesel trucks I am looking for an SUV or awd car with a diesel oil burner. Thank you for the video. I like Mercedes Benz but my wife has a stigma of the brand and doesn’t want to buy a Merc. Funny most folks snub the diesel because they say it is slow. The torque is what makes them pull harder going up hills and making the drive enjoyable. Children are growing up and not really needing 6 minimum seating anymore. I like the E250 with the 4 matic. Always prefer AWD in the Okanagan as we have cold dry winters with lots of mountain driving winter conditions. Cheers.
John Doe : Do you still have the GLK? How is the maintenance on the car?
Bernard M. Jordan-Lambert : Those compartments underneath the seats are actually for Car shoes or slippers, So that one can drive comfortably while on long trips.
samantha watkins : I use propel diesel, great for my mbz
Wepin in the cupin : Good grief. She keeps saying diesels aren’t as “powerful” as gasoline engines, but it’s torque that really translates to “power” and the diesel has that hands down over the gasser, not even close. Also, diesels being more expensive to maintain is debatable to say the least. Not spark plugs to change, no “tune-ups”. Yes, injectors are expensive to change if and when they fail. The price of diesel really varies nationwide but keep in mind the V6 requires premium fuel.
Cory Anderson : Diesel is way better!! MPG and torque makes it the best!!
Korrie Payne : Love you review!!! It was so informative. Excellent job! What’s the biggest difference between the GLK 250 & 350? Also, I’m 5’1 so I would love a luxury suv that sits up. My beemer is a Sport which I love ❤️. I just want a suv that sits up.
chanelbrunson : GLK became GLA, the ML series became GLC.
Ooygin Jardl : The purpose of the “weird” compartments is space. It’s the final frontier. How can that be a bother?

Mercedes GLK250 CDI 4matic 0-100 0-200 0-230 vmax topspeed Beschleunigung Acceleration

Gefilmt mit (Affilatelinks)!
GoPro Hero 8 Black:
EDUTIGE Mikrofon:
ZOOM H2N Audio-Rekorder:
Racelogic Performance Box:

Weitere Leasingangebote und News rund um das Auto:

Mercedes GLK 250 CDI 4matic
2 Personen an Bord
Jeff : I just bought a 2013 250 glk for a winter ride. It has 100,000km on it and I am totally impressed with how smooth it is. I’m enjoying driving it way more than I expected and I can tell it’s going to be perfect in the snow and ice in the mountains.
Füru Tensie : Down
Baris Toksoy : Hi, hast du das Auto noch?
Ron : Dieses Auto gefällt mir so gut... Wäre eine Überlegung wert von dem W204 Mopf auf dem GLK Mopf in 2-3 Jahren umzusteigen, als 250 CDI, die 34 PS mehr sind wohl wenig zu spüren, weil sie durch das Gewicht und den Luftwiderstand geschluckt werden.

Einer der Hauptgründe wäre die EU6 Norm...
nando carpi : hey bro , your shit car took 9.5 sec to 100 and 49 sec to 200.
Igor Podrug : great video, can you hear the turbo's while your driving in your daily commute? I drive a jetta tdi and you can hear it im wondering if you can hear it in this car too?
SOPM2007 : Wow - if you consider the car's drag coefficient!
Ahmed Hassan : is the speed limiter removed




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