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Javascript Video Player Tutorial | Make a Video Player with HTML5 and JavaScript

In this JavaScript Video Player Tutorial, you'll learn how to create a JavaScript video player using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. The Player will play any video you have stored locally. We'll make HTML5 video custom controls in the app and include all of the features you'd expect in a video player.

When you're done you'll be able to take the JavaScript video player code and use it as a model or template for your own projects and coding work.

Earn your HTML5 Certification for free on YouTube:

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BL Thai TV : its dosent work do u have complete code
Shahidul Islam : You should learn first, how to make coding video, this video like a review.... not helpful properly.....................
Ron Auer : The information you shared really helped me map out a solution to a video project I am working on. Thank you.
Jorge Rando Hernández : Very good video
IT Girl : i followed this video and all the steps but ended up getting an error message that addEventListener is not a function.
Ugo Nwachuku : You should upload a link to your source code.

Capturing and Saving User Audio or Video with JavaScript

If you want to access the microphone and webcam on the user's laptop or phone then the getUserMedia method from the MediaStream API is what you need.
This video talks about how to access the camera and microphone as well as how you can record and save the data that you capture.

An alternative not covered here is saving screenshots from video onto an HTML Canvas element and then saving that in an image element or form input element.

Code GIST:

Promises Playlist:
Jaden : thanks so much this finally worked for me
Lena Ambrau : first thanks for your video it's really helpful, but can you make another tutorial on how to recorde screen too thank you
GhirMohcine : How can we make it when we click download, to save it directly in a directory into the server ?
Thomas Bugg : Thanks so much for this tutorial, it was just what I needed. I'm also trying to save the video to a database for my current project, what was the name of the video in which you mention sending the video to a server?
Pramodya Deshan : it's worked.thank you!!!!!
Jose Luis Rodriguez Parra : Wow, great job. Im looking for something similar but the difference is that I need to record a window more specifically a Chrome Tab, do you think that can use the same approach that you use here?
Thomas André-Lubin : Thanks for your video !
doddy nicolas : now how to store that video on database and handle a blob video
zuful : I tried several tutorials about this API, non of them worked, I was about to give up and try another solution when I found your video. Everything works fine so thanks a lot sir!
Abdelrahman Magdy : amazing

HTML Video Programming #2 - Understanding Video-JS Library (2/4)

In this video, you can learn the video-js library and get a basic idea about it. Also, we covered Video-JS APIs which is more powerful and easy.

To learn more about Video-JS:

**HTML Video Programming #2 - Understanding Video-JS Library (2/4)**

Md. Noyonuzzaman : How can I add video.js playlist
NASARATH abdul gafoor : How can i embed quiz in a you tube video? Could you please help me?.....
Beautiful_ World : plsssssssssssssss show us how to add seek bar preview plssssss!!!!!
Pyae-Phyo Kyaw : May I have the tutorial for videojs-chapter-nav plugin? Thanks in advance!




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